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Bathroom Remodeling

Is it time to make your old, smelly bathroom into a fresh, lively space? Contact us to turn your bathroom into a sprawling palace.


Tired of that old, damaged, worn-out floor? Enhance your flooring with Nielsen Renovations!

Interior Painting

Need the inside of your home to be refreshed and renewed? A painting job will do the trick.

Kitchen Remodeling

Need your kitchen to look as flawless as this one? Schedule a time with us and we’ll draw up a great plan to build your own dream kitchen for your home.

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We’re wearing clean pants, nice shirts and we keep your home clean. 


We only send people to your home that we know and trust.


For every job, we’ll agree to the budget before signing and stick with it throughout the project.


Rest assured, we do it right and well the first time.